What is scrapmixing:

Scrapmixing is a whole new concept I came up with. It's like art Therapy with the focus on scapbooking and mixed media. It's is a movement.

There is No good or wrong, to be unique by sharing your story. The good and the bad ones. About your feelings.

It's all about challenging yourself to push yourself to be creative in a way you never knew you could. It's not just about designing it's a creative therapy. To change your life for the better and not by telling your story as expected but sharing your story and helping yourself and others.

There will be a lot of challenges, tutorials and life stories. Making the world a better place. Everything begins with just one tiny step. Learn yourself and change your life just by scrapmixing.

Scrapbooking connects people all around the globe. You are not alone. You are as creative, succesfull as you wish. It is not being on a designteam, money or anything other then YOU.

Are you in to change your life by sharing your story. Eventhough how hard life can get but you still have the energy to create, to love, to share and to help yourself and others by becoming your better version?

We would love to have you on the team. By participating you will be also one of our designers.

Have a blessed day

Emine Pala-Pazan
Founder Scrapmix Designer


  1. Love this concept and it has so many paths to take one down! Awesome for so many of us to be able to learn this concept.

  2. So excited to explore this concept as a design team member and see what other people come up with! This will be truly life changing.

  3. Looking forward to finding out more.


Thanks for your comment.

Emine Pala
Founder Scrapmixing