Thursday, January 14, 2016

Season (winter clock) secret contest project #2 of #3

Our amazing designer came up with this awesome tutorial. 
This is the second project. Due date 31 januari to finish all the project. 

This is an alarm clock. Wonderfull project. 

The name of this project is Winter. What is your favorite season or your favorite colors. Choose them both to create this amazing project by Nanette Bourdeu. 

Project #2 (please check out our first project)

I made this faux alarm clock out of a tuna can after seeing them made on YouTube.  I posted this on the 1st and have since learned many tricks that would have made it better/easier but none that would save my fingers from hot glue :)  So here we go but bear in mind use what you have on hand! (Remember: use up your stash).

This project requires nothing set in stone but a can of some sort that fits the form of it.  Everything else can be made from things you have in your stash, I know this!

Step 1.
Paint the outside of the can in colors of your choice.  I choose a green because it was the only metal paint I had but any acrylic paint will work.  Then splatter on some white, silver, gold, blue, whatever makes your heart sing while you splatter!

Step 2.  
Paint the inside of your can to coordinate with your paper or background you have chosen (look through your stash). I added salt to mine while it was wet for some texture as I was wanting a snowy scene.

Step 3.
Put some feet on it!  Beads, scrabble tiles, whatever you have that will hold up the front and then I added a scrabble tile on the back of the original one and a little Winter bling thing on the back of this one worked just fine.  I stacked beads on the first and used just one large pearl for this one.  Proves anything can work that you have in your stash!

Step 4.
Start on the top.  For both of mine I used some things that have a name that I cannot recall that my Mom gave to me years ago.  But I have seen bottle caps used either single or two together on each side and it looks awesome!  My bottle caps were hiding when I looked for them so I went with the same thingys.  Glue a bead down to raise them up and then glue them on top.  Use what you have.

Step 5.
For the first one I took a pipe cleaner and wrapped ribbon around it.  This one I found a piece of soda can I had run through the embossing machine for something so decided to cut out the shape of the top wire.  I could still wrap it with ribbon if I wanted to or refine the shape a bit or use an actual piece of wire for it. It doesn't show up too well against the table covering on the pic, sorry!

Step 6. 
Assemble all your embellishments for the inside (look through your stash).  I used a die cut on some pretty blue background paper, a deer, a small tree, and lots of glitter!  You can use virtually anything to make your scene.  A digital or stamped image cut out on some cereal box cardboard to help it stand up and build around that.  Your backing paper can lead you into a scene if you don't have an idea before you start.  Then I added the outside careful hot glue will burn your poor fingers!

Hope this helps you get your imagination running!

And now remember this is part of our pre-first challenge at Scrapmixers, a brand new challenge with a brand new concept so check out the link and find out how to enter really easy just do one of three projects (this is one of them) and put in the comment section of the challenge post.  Easy Peasy so give the blog a read and get excited to be a Scrapmixer with us! 

Thank you Nannette Bourdeu for this amazing tutorial and project. 

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  1. this is such a neat tutorial. Going to take some time to work on it next week

  2. Here's my version. I had so much fun doing this!The only thing I purchase were the little mushrooms. Everything else came out of my stash.


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