Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scrapmixers concept secret contest #1 Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear scrapmixers,

It is time for a secret contest before we start on monday 1st february.

We are proud to announce our first video tutorial.

There will be 3 projects, it is on you how you interpret them. Just try to fit our concept and finish at least 2 projects to be in the drawing.

Our #1 st project is this amazing mixed media canvas tutorial from our talented scrapmix designer Aya.

She used for this project: Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring board and envelope tool and Webster Pages Paper collection and Prima Marketing ink. Ofourse you can use any product you like.
Our concept is also about using your stash and this project fit's that perfectly.

Create this project and post the link in the comment section.

We are excited to see what you come up with.

The topic of this project is: Dream. A girls dream is to get married. But what is your dream? Everyone has a dream. It could be your childhood dream. It is all up to you. Scrap about this theme: your dream if anything in the world would be possible, what would you do etc.

Make this project your own and use up your stash.

And ofcourse we will give a prize package (which will be a suprise) ofcourse.

Have fun while creating about your dream this amazing project. Remember there is no good or wrong. While creating you will be scrapmixing.

I posted this on our new facebook:

Scrapmixers brand new facebooksite.

Hi Scrapmixers, when I first came up with the idea it grew like a tree. Now we will start february first. But we now have a contest in the scrapmixing concept. use up your stash if you like, what is your dream if money/health or something else was not an option.
Create this project by the amazing Aya. She is good in her job as a scrapmixer and video tutorials. We have uploaded the information and the video on our blog. we have an amazing suprise prize package. Remember to enjoy while creating and be aware what kind of effect it has to you while you are creating about your dream. Does it make you sad, happy, enthousiastic. Share it with us. What are your dreams? I know that art and scrapmixing, helping people is my passion. my dream is to make this a big succes and write a book about it. And I will participate too ofcourse. How couldn't I. Share your dreams. and we are here to answer all of your questions.

Please don't be afraid. Your art is your personal art. doesn't matter how you call it. it is your way of dealing with the everyday life and express yourself creatively.
Hop on to the blog and enjoy every second. this tutorial is a must see and must do kind.
Can't wait to hear about your dreams and see your creations.
You are all scrapmix designers.…/scrapmixers-concept-secret…


Be aware that you are working on yourself while creating and to have fun ofcourse. 

Have an amazing day, 

and the team
Founder concept scrapmixing


Thanks for your comment.

Emine Pala
Founder Scrapmixing